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India and Ukraine Commit to Reinstating Pre-Conflict Trade and Economic Ties

The Foreign Minister of India, S Jaishankar, engaged in comprehensive discussions with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, covering a wide range of topics from initiatives for peace to rejuvenating trade and economic relations to their status before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Jaishankar highlighted that the meeting allowed India to gain insights into Ukraine’s view of its regional circumstances. “This visit enables us to gain a deeper understanding of your regional situation, and I am eager to learn about your insights,” Jaishankar commented during the meeting in New Delhi.

During Kuleba’s two-day trip to India, where he also led the Ukraine-India governmental commission’s review, he mentioned on social media that both nations agreed to revive their mutual cooperation to pre-conflict levels and explore new ventures to enhance their partnership further. Kuleba emphasized the focus on the Peace Formula and the steps towards its execution.

Since February 24, 2022, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified, marking an escalation in the ongoing confrontation since 2014, with the conflict now extending beyond two years.

The primary objective following the governmental commission’s assessment, according to Jaishankar, is to restore trade to its previous levels. “Today’s exchange of views on trade, health, science and technology, and agricultural collaboration was valuable. We have decided to organize for the 7th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission later this year,” Jaishankar shared on the social media platform X.

Jaishankar also mentioned the recent interactions between India and Ukraine across various levels, acknowledging the renewed vigor in their bilateral relations. “It’s encouraging to observe our bilateral mechanisms in action, contributing to the momentum of our relationship,” he remarked.