You are currently viewing Pioneering Leadership in Technical Education and Entrepreneurship: The Story of IGDTUW and Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Dev

Pioneering Leadership in Technical Education and Entrepreneurship: The Story of IGDTUW and Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Dev

Educational institutions play a pivotal role amidst the ever-evolving landscape of technical education. Innovation and entrepreneurship have shifted from optional to imperative, aligning students with dynamic industry standards. These institutions nurture critical skills, empowering students to not only adapt but also lead in a swiftly progressing technological environment, thereby enhancing their global competitiveness.

At the forefront of this educational revolution stands Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW), an institution dedicated to empowering and nurturing female talent in STEM fields. Founded with a clear vision to bridge the gender gap in technical education and entrepreneurship, IGDTUW has emerged as a beacon of excellence and empowerment for women in India.

With a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, IGDTUW has created a unique ecosystem that encourages women to explore their potential and pursue their dreams. Through state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research initiatives, and comprehensive support systems, the university has become a hub of creativity and innovation, attracting talented students and faculty from across the country.

At the helm of this pioneering institution is Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Dev, whose visionary leadership has transformed IGDTUW into a powerhouse of innovation, research, and entrepreneurship.

Visionary Leadership

Dr. sDev has been the driving force behind IGDTUW’s remarkable journey. Her profound expertise in technical education and her passion for empowering women have catalyzed significant advancements at the university.

Dr. Dev’s journey in academia is marked by a series of significant achievements. With a solid foundation in engineering and a deep understanding of educational dynamics, she has been instrumental in steering IGDTUW towards a path of excellence.

Dr. Dev’s contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including:

  • National Level AICTE Young Teacher Career Award
  • State Level Best Teacher Award by the Government of Delhi
  • National Level Best Engineering Teacher Award by ISTE
  • International ECONS Education Excellence Award
  • Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan Award by the HRD Minister of India
  • Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation
  • New Code of Education 2022 Award
  • Institution of Happiness Award presented by the Minister of Women and Child Development
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by the Delhi Management Association

The Birth of IGDTUW Anveshan Foundation

In 2016, IGDTUW took a monumental step by incorporating the IGDTUW Anveshan Foundation, a dedicated entity aimed at nurturing entrepreneurship among its students and aspiring entrepreneurs. The foundation was born out of a clear vision: to propagate an entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem among women, thereby bridging the gender gap in the startup world.

Supported by the Government of NCT of Delhi and various central government ministries, including the Department of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Ministry of MSME, Anveshan has become a cornerstone of IGDTUW’s entrepreneurial initiatives.

Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Support

Anveshan Foundation operates through five key phases, providing end-to-end support to women entrepreneurs:


In the pre-incubation phase, Anveshan focuses on motivation, ideation, proof of concept (PoC), proof of value (PoV), innovation, prototyping, minimal viable product (MVP) development, feasibility studies, prior art searches, intellectual property rights (IPR) education, and pitching skills. These activities are designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to transform their ideas into viable business propositions.

Dr. Dev has emphasized the importance of this phase by ensuring that students and entrepreneurs have access to a range of resources and mentorship opportunities. Regular workshops, guest lectures by industry experts, and interactive sessions are organized to inspire and guide young innovators.


During the incubation phase, Anveshan offers comprehensive support, including assistance with company incorporation, fully furnished office spaces, ICT resources, and free consultancy services in technical, business, and strategic areas. The foundation’s commitment to facilitating the growth of women-led startups is further underscored by the provision of seed funding, with more than INR 2 Crores disbursed to date, benefiting numerous startups.

The incubation phase also involves close monitoring and mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. These mentors provide invaluable insights and guidance, helping startups navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses. Regular progress reviews and strategy sessions ensure that the startups stay on track and achieve their milestones.


Anveshan’s acceleration phase is characterized by an extensive network of over 250 consultants and mentors who provide crucial guidance in product development, marketing, human resources, supply chain management, franchise models, and investor relations. This phase aims to scale up the businesses and ensure their long-term sustainability.

The acceleration phase is designed to prepare startups for rapid growth and expansion. Intensive training programs, pitch preparation workshops, and investor meetups are organized to equip startups with the skills and knowledge needed to attract investment and scale their operations.

Post-Incubation and Virtual Incubation

Recognizing the need for continued support beyond the initial stages, Anveshan offers post-incubation and virtual incubation services. These initiatives ensure that startups receive ongoing assistance and can thrive even in the virtual landscape, reflecting the flexibility and adaptability of the foundation’s support system.

The post-incubation phase includes access to a wide network of alumni and industry connections, facilitating partnerships and collaborations that can drive further growth. Virtual incubation ensures that even those who cannot be physically present at the university can benefit from the resources and support provided by Anveshan.

Key Partnerships and Impactful Programs

Anveshan Foundation has forged significant partnerships to enhance its support ecosystem:

Cisco ThingQbator

Through CSR funds, Cisco established the IoT and robotics lab ‘ThingQbator’ in collaboration with NASSCOM Foundation, Defy, and Li2. This initiative has benefited over 300 students across six cohorts, fostering innovation and hands-on learning in cutting-edge technologies.

The ThingQbator lab is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest tools and technologies. It provides students with the opportunity to work on real-world projects, gain practical experience, and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

GiZ India

A partnership with GiZ India, a German organization, has strengthened the startup ecosystem, particularly benefiting over 5,000 attendees nationwide. This collaboration underscores Anveshan’s commitment to global best practices in fostering entrepreneurship.

GiZ India has brought in international expertise and resources, enhancing the quality and impact of Anveshan’s programs. Joint initiatives and projects have provided students and startups with exposure to global markets and trends.

DC-MSME Grants

With grants from DC-MSME, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Anveshan has successfully conducted Women Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programs, providing crucial support to women entrepreneurs over multiple cohorts.

These programs have empowered women entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to start and grow their businesses. The focus on practical training and real-world applications has made these programs highly effective.

DPIIT’s Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

Under the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme of DPIIT, Anveshan has funded 16 startups, offering a blend of grants and debt support to catalyze early-stage ventures.

This scheme has been instrumental in providing startups with the initial capital needed to develop their products and scale their operations. The funding, coupled with mentorship and support from Anveshan, has enabled these startups to achieve significant milestones.

Entrepreneurial Education and Student Engagement

IGDTUW’s commitment to entrepreneurship extends to its academic programs, with entrepreneurship courses integrated into both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. The university’s E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) is an active hub for student engagement, organizing workshops, hackathons, mentorship sessions, and industrial visits to foster entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

The E-Cell plays a crucial role in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among students. It serves as a platform for students to interact with successful entrepreneurs, participate in innovation challenges, and develop their business ideas. The cell’s activities are designed to provide students with practical experience and exposure to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Exemplary Placement Initiatives

IGDTUW’s dedication to student success is evident in its impressive placement statistics. For the 2024 graduating class, the university achieved over 1,200 job offers, including pre-placement offers, full-time positions, and internships. The highest national and international salary packages reflect the high-quality education and industry relevance of IGDTUW graduates.

The university’s strong industry connections and proactive placement initiatives have ensured that its graduates are highly sought after by top companies. Regular industry interactions, placement drives, and career counseling sessions help students prepare for successful careers.

  • Training and Placement Cell: The university’s proactive Training and Placement Cell works tirelessly to establish industry partnerships, organize job fairs, and coordinate on-campus interviews. This cell plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the workforce and securing employment opportunities.
  • Industry Expert Talks and Interaction Weeks: Regular sessions with industry leaders and dedicated “Industry Interaction Weeks” expose students to real-world experiences and trends, enhancing their readiness for the job market.
  • Active Coding Club and Technical Activities: IGDTUW’s active coding club and technical societies regularly organize hackathons and codethons, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. The annual tech fest “Innerve” is a showcase event that highlights cutting-edge technology and student projects.

Commitment to Social Outreach and Sustainability

IGDTUW’s social outreach initiatives, spearheaded by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), demonstrate the university’s commitment to societal impact and sustainability:

  • Education Mentoring Program (EMP): The EMP aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM by mentoring underprivileged schoolgirls, encouraging them to pursue higher education in STEM fields. This program has positively impacted the lives of thousands of girls, fostering a culture of mentorship and empowerment.
  • Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA): Under the UBA initiative, IGDTUW has adopted five villages in Delhi, working towards their social and economic development. This community-driven project leverages the university’s resources to bring about transformational changes in rural areas.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Through various campaigns and projects, IGDTUW actively promotes the attainment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The university has been recognized as a “Zero Waste and Zero Plastic Campus” by MCD Delhi, reflecting its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.
  • COVID-19 Relief Efforts: During the pandemic, IGDTUW engaged in extensive COVID-19 relief efforts, distributing over 150,000 meals and personal protective equipment to those in need. This initiative underscores the university’s commitment to social responsibility and community support. The relief efforts included partnerships with local organizations and government agencies to ensure the effective distribution of resources.

Driving Internationalization Efforts

Dr. Dev has been instrumental in forging strategic international collaborations, enhancing IGDTUW’s global presence and providing students with invaluable international exposure:

  • Partnerships with Foreign Universities: Collaborations with prestigious universities in countries such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Hong Kong facilitate student exchanges, joint research projects, and global networking opportunities. These partnerships provide students with the opportunity to study abroad, participate in international research projects, and gain exposure to different cultures and educational systems. They also facilitate faculty exchanges and collaborative research initiatives.
  • ICT and Student Mobility Programs: The university’s emphasis on ICT and mobility programs has led to fruitful exchanges, bringing a global perspective to IGDTUW’s academic and research environment. These programs include joint degree programs, summer schools, and short-term study tours. They enable students to gain international experience and develop a global outlook, enhancing their employability and career prospects.

Future Plans and Goals

Looking ahead, IGDTUW aims to significantly expand its student intake and academic programs, targeting a growth to 15,000 students by 2030. The university plans to enhance its research infrastructure, establish more Centers of Excellence, and foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by expanding its Technology Business Incubator and establishing a Technology Park.

Infrastructure Development

A second campus at Narela, with state-of-the-art facilities, is in the pipeline. This campus will support the growing academic community, with a focus on ICT-enabled facilities, residential amenities, and research infrastructure. IGDTUW has been allotted 50 acres of land for this development, which will further cement its status as a leading institution in technical education.

The new campus will feature advanced laboratories, research centers, and collaborative spaces designed to foster innovation and interdisciplinary research. It will also include residential facilities for students and faculty, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.


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