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Rajnish Sarna: Pioneering Leadership in Customer Interaction Solutions

The entrepreneurial journey is indeed a solitary path, where one’s unwavering commitment to goodwill and trust becomes the guiding light towards success,” quotes Rajnish!

Rajnish Sarna is a luminary pioneering the way in the domestic contact center space. His expertise spans over three decades, with notable contributions to office automation, telecom, and contact centers—playing a pivotal role in shaping India’s domestic call center industry.

As the Founder and CMD of Enser Communications Ltd., Rajnish leads a technology-enabled enterprise dedicated to providing cutting-edge customer interaction solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the IT/ITES sector, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His core competencies include new business development, key account management, and customer relationship management. Known for his penchant for tackling challenging assignments, Rajnish is also a published author, with two books on customer service and the next generation worker to his name.

Rajnish’s influence extends beyond his company, he has been a prominent figure at the BPO Summit, a renowned forum for industry players, where he shared insights on technology, HR issues, business continuity, and data security. This enduring commitment to knowledge sharing underscores his dedication to industry advancement. Rajnish’s mission is clear—to create value for clients and stakeholders by delivering innovative and effective solutions that elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Alongside Rajnish stands Harihara Iyer, the Co-Founder of Enser. With over 20 years of experience in the contact center space, Hari brings a wealth of knowledge in operations and client relationships. He plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of client requirements, from SLA delivery to team management, including IT operations. Hari’s extensive experience, particularly in the insurance, banking and financial services segments has contributed significantly to Enser’s success.

Let’s explore a tale of leadership and excellence in an industry driven by relationships and results!

Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

Enser is a Business-Process Management Company that operates as a third-party vendor for various business operations. “We specialize in handling incoming and outgoing customer calls for other businesses,” says Rajnish. Their team of outsourced agents brings diverse expertise in data management, data security and value addition to clients’ businesses.

Additionally, they offer Management Information Systems (MIS) and other tools to enhance productivity. Rajnish says, “These services are essential for businesses seeking operational efficiency beyond their capabilities.” Enser’s focus areas within BPM include:

  • Customer Acquisition Services
  • Customer Services
  • Web Chat Services
  • Tech-enabled solutions such as payment reminders, collections, and subscription collections
  • Tech-enabled Infrastructure Development

These services cater to a wide range of industries providing tailored solutions to meet specific business needs,” adds Rajnish. With Enser’s expertise, businesses can streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and success.

Our client base spans across key industries,” Rajnish elaborates. “We cater to BFSI, Insurance, Hospitality, EdTech, and Telecom sectors, specializing in customer acquisition and services.” Enser’s services encompass various functions:

  • We handle inbound customer care for holiday companies.”
  • Our expertise extends to managing lead generation processes in the travel and holiday industry.”
  • We’ve managed processes for leading real estate and EdTech clients.”
  • We’ve provided customer care services for esteemed banks.”
  • We’ve successfully managed inbound 24×7 emergency services for Navi Mumbai Police.”
  • Our team has handled outbound VAS sales processes for telecom clients.”
  • We excel in email and chat support for banking clients.”
  • We’ve efficiently managed process data for crucial government departments.”

With a diverse portfolio and tailored solutions, Enser delivers exceptional service across various sectors, ensuring client satisfaction and operational excellence.

The Rise of Indian BPO/BPM  Hubs

The BPO revolution has propelled India to the forefront of outsourcing. Rajnish explains., “Cities like Gurgaon,Bangalore, Mumbai Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune are now major hubs for BPO/BPM operations.” This industry surge has not only generated employment but has also fueled economic growth nationwide.

India continues to be a pivotal player in the global outsourcing market,” Rajnish adds. With a diverse range of services, the country caters to clients from various industries worldwide. This enduring prominence underscores India’s reputation as a reliable and efficient outsourcing destination, sustaining its position on the global stage.

Adapting to Local Nuances

In the Indian market, businesses often encounter various challenges,” explains Rajnish, “and understanding consumer behavior is paramount.” With diverse socio-economic backgrounds and cultural differences, grasping Indian consumers’ preferences and purchasing habits can be complex. Adapting products and marketing strategies to suit local nuances is crucial to maintaining the importance of cultural sensitivity for success.

Moreover, infrastructure poses a significant hurdle. “Scaling infrastructure efficiently is challenging,” Rajnish notes. While India has made strides, obstacles remain in transportation, logistics, and power supply. Timely sourcing of these infrastructures is for meeting operational demands within specified timelines.

Navigating these challenges requires strategic planning and adaptability. Rajnish advises businesses to invest in market research and forge strong local partnerships to overcome hurdles effectively. Addressing consumer preferences and tackling infrastructure constraints helps companies thrive in the dynamic Indian market landscape.

Building a Supportive Culture

In the BPO industry, high attrition rates pose a common challenge and factors like work pressure and competition contribute to this trend making employee retention a constant struggle.

Handling sensitive client data necessitates stringent adherence to security protocols. Rajnish explains, “Compliance with regulations such as IRDAI/Infosec is crucial for maintaining data privacy and operational efficiency.”

Client management hinges on understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions,” Rajnish emphasizes. Effective communication plays a vital role in this process.

To effectively address these challenges,” Rajnish advises, “strategic planning, investment in talent and technology, proactive risk management, and a customer-centric approach are essential.” These measures ensure resilience and success in the dynamic BPM landscape.

In addition, fostering a supportive company culture that values employee well-being and professional growth can also aid in overcoming these challenges,” Rajnish suggests. This emphasis on a positive work environment further strengthens the company’s ability to retain talent and deliver exceptional service to clients.

Driving Sustained Success

Under Rajnish’s leadership, the company prioritizes strategic planning and innovation. Rajnish’s visionary approach guides the company in navigating market challenges and seizing opportunities.

Strategizing and setting long-term vision and goals for the company is crucial. This involves targeting markets, determining service offerings, and differentiating from competitors. Financial management decisions are paramount. Effective allocation of resources ensures sustainable growth.

Infrastructure expansion and readiness are key and having scalable as well as reliable infrastructure supports business growth. Mitigating risks that can disrupt operations is essential and proactive risk management safeguards the company’s stability and continuity.

Moreover, Rajnish ensures that the company maintains a proactive stance in addressing risks and capitalizing on emerging trends. His leadership fosters a culture of adaptability and resilience, driving the company towards sustained success.

Strength in Unity

Decision-making is a collaborative process within our organization,” Rajnish explains. “We value individual and team involvement in our most critical decisions.” Everyone’s ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Rajnish emphasizes, “We believe in fostering a culture where freedom to contribute is celebrated, not stifled.” This inclusive approach ensures that diverse perspectives are considered leading to well-informed and effective decisions.

Tech-Enabled Efficiency

Enser recently made significant investments in Ready Plug-In infrastructure. Rajnish reveals, “We’ve deployed approximately 3000 seats nationwide, tailored to our business needs.” This tech-enabled setup offers ready-to-use IT and Telecom infrastructure, enabling customers to launch operations swiftly. “Our goal is to minimize go-to-market time and resource loss,” Rajnish emphasizes.

For instance, Enser provides cutting-edge tools to facilitate timely payments and subscriptions. “We assist customers in paying insurance premiums, OTT platform subscriptions, cable television bills, and more,” Rajnish explains. This service streamlines processes for both businesses and consumers, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Enser’s commitment to innovative infrastructure solutions underscores its dedication to client success. Offering plug-and-play setups and efficient payment tools helps Enser empower businesses to thrive in today’s market environment.

Seamless Connectivity and Skilled Workforce

Technological advancements have revolutionized outsourcing. Companies can now offshore business processes without communication concerns. This shift is fueled by developments in telecommunications and the internet ensuring seamless connectivity.

Moreover, India boasts a vast pool of skilled professionals. The country offers an English-speaking, educated workforce. This abundance of talent simplifies recruitment for various business processes, contributing to the growth of outsourcing.

Over time, the Indian BPM industry has diversified its offerings. “Beyond voice-based services, we now excel in KPO, research, analytics, FAO, and more,” Rajnish states. This evolution demonstrates India’s capacity to deliver high-value services, further solidifying its position as a global outsourcing hub.

Leading the Way

Witnessing the company’s growth journey from a startup to a thriving enterprise is a proud moment,” Rajnish reflects. It showcases Enser’s successful business strategy execution and effective operational scalability.

Introducing innovative solutions, adopting new technologies, or implementing process improvements is pivotal. Rajnish adds, “It demonstrates our adaptability and forward-thinking approach.”

Achieving significant financial milestones, such as profitability and surpassing revenue targets, underscores Enser’s financial health and sustainability. This highlights the company’s success under his leadership.

Diversifying Horizons

Rajnish reveals that the company is expanding its portfolio with several new endeavors. These include:

  • Setting up new infrastructures across current markets.
  • Expanding into international locations in the coming months.
  • Venturing into new services such as cybersecurity and healthcare support services.

With these initiatives, we aim to diversify our offerings and extend our reach to new markets,” Rajnish shares, highlighting the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Wisdom from Rajnish

Rajnish offers valuable advice to aspiring professionals and readers:

  • Focus on the critical areas,” he suggests.
  • Ensure all necessary government compliances.
  • Success is rooted in treating employees and customers well.
  • Automation of business processes is critical for manifold growth.

Following these principles can lead to professional success and business advancement.


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“We’ve successfully managed inbound 24×7 emergency services for Navi Mumbai Police this too at the early stages of the company’s journey..”

“We believe in fostering a culture where freedom to contribute is celebrated, not stifled.”