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Refining Strategies, Achieving Triumph: Angad and BCD Group

Competitive real estate consulting requires a meticulous balance between a laser focus on current market dynamics and a strategic vision for the future. Success in this realm requires leaders with a rich blend of experiences. These individuals combine a breadth of knowledge with an unyielding dedication to excellence, establishing themselves as the trusted advisors shaping tomorrow’s real estate landscape.

Embodied by such exemplary leadership, the BCD Group stands as a name synonymous with innovation and reliability in the real estate sector. It is with this standard of excellence that the group proudly presents Angad Bedi, Managing Director.

Angad’s journey in the business world exemplifies his extensive expertise and strategic acumen. His career commenced at esteemed consulting powerhouses such as KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he honed his skills backed by an MBA and credentials as a Chartered Accountant.

During his tenure at these firms, Angad mastered the intricacies of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, navigated the complexities of taxation, and led intricate restructuring initiatives, showcasing his comprehensive grasp of multifaceted financial transactions.

However, Angad’s true calling lies in the dynamic realm of real estate. His fascination with the industry was ignited early on, and after achieving significant milestones in his consulting career, he made a pivotal decision to transition into the family business at BCD Group.

This move to Bengaluru marked the beginning of a new chapter, driven by his passion for transforming the real estate landscape with groundbreaking innovations.

Under Angad Bedi’s leadership, BCD Group continues to flourish, integrating cutting-edge strategies and visionary planning to elevate the industry standard. His profound understanding of financial intricacies and his deep-seated passion for real estate propel the organization towards sustained growth and success.

Building Communities Worldwide

BCD Group is one of India’s largest and oldest real estate construction conglomerates. It has developed over 8,000 homes and is currently engaged in 9 million square feet of development. The group has spearheaded India’s largest stressed assets fund, managing 700 crore and deploying 500 crore across various asset classes.

BCD Group pioneered senior living in India by launching the first rental accommodation for the elderly, offering a holistic lifestyle with amenities, care, and quality community experiences.

With operations across seven Indian states and internationally in the UAE, Mauritius, Nepal, Iraq, Africa, and Singapore, BCD Group’s diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, hospitality, schools, IT parks, warehousing, high-end residential, bespoke homes, affordable housing, senior living, and student living. Their expertise also extends to turnkey construction and design-build services.

The Power of Vision and Resolve

Angad faced numerous challenges in his entrepreneurial journey, but he describes it as a roller-coaster ride. One significant challenge stood out, teaching him valuable lessons. He took on a large township project from a developer, a stuck venture poised for a million square feet of development, with an overall plan for five million square feet in various proposed stages.

Angad envisioned giving the project new life. However, the real challenge lay in turning around the reputation and easing customer angst caused by the previous developer’s failure. “This challenge also gave us a lesson on how a clear vision and a strong resolve can transform perspective,” Angad shares.

Through determination and strategic vision, Angad and his team revived the development, ultimately delivering the final product. This transformation transforms once-disgruntled customers into goodwill ambassadors for BCD.

Innovative Financial Solutions

BCD spearheaded the establishment of the first-ever SEBI-regulated real estate fund, dedicated to financially stressed ventures, in collaboration with Nissus. This initiative demonstrated their commitment to fostering sustainable growth and contributing to the overall development of the real estate sector.

Moreover, the company launched the largest and first-ever SEBI-regulated real estate Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) over INR 500 crores for distressed real estate. This initiative provided funds but also offered resolutions to stalled projects. Significant investments in upcoming projects underscore BCD’s ambition and financial strength, with a promising pipeline of projects worth close to Rs 1000 crore.

Creating Value

Angad shares the journey of pioneering the senior rental model and launching Educity, which aims to offer quality student housing. These initiatives expand their footprint in almost all prominent Tier-II markets.

They managed to create a strong network and spread their wings across markets like Dubai, Bahrain, and Vietnam. “These are some of the special moments that contributed significantly to our success,” Angad says.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Angad reflects on the inevitability of setbacks and obstacles in any business, especially in real estate, where the stakes are high. “When faced with challenges, I rely on our core values, which drive us to conduct business transparently and fairly while focusing on making a meaningful difference,” he shares.

This commitment propels him to go the extra mile and overcome hurdles. Angad emphasizes the importance of taking regular breaks to meditate and practice positive thinking and mindfulness, enabling him to devise logical solutions.

Furthermore, he credits their team of professionals for adeptly managing various crises, statutory challenges, and operational hurdles.

Strength in Numbers

BCD Group prides itself on possessing the largest skilled in-house labor force in India, a distinctive feature within the country’s real estate sector. This unique asset enables BCD to deliver unparalleled and timely results by consistently training, housing, and retaining their workforce on a regular payroll.

Over time, strategic partnerships with international collaborators from Italy, Germany, the USA, and Great Britain have further enriched BCD’s engineering and construction capabilities. Moreover, their extensive network of national and international allies adds value to projects across the globe.

Collectively, these factors contribute significantly to the overall growth narrative of the BCD Group.

Opportunities in Competition

Angad acknowledges that competition is inherent in any thriving market. While acknowledging its intensity, he highlights the plethora of opportunities awaiting exploration. “We have advanced tech, talent, and a positive investment ecosystem at our disposal,” Angad notes.

He emphasizes that competition motivates them to continuously enhance their services and offerings, adopting a consumer-centric approach to stay ahead. This drive pushes them to become the best versions of themselves in the dynamic real estate landscape.

Positioning as an Authentic Brand

Angad discusses how they leverage innovative and targeted real estate marketing strategies to maximize the digital landscape. In a digitally dynamic ecosystem where vast amounts of data are consumed in the blink of an eye, potential customers search for properties through multiple digital mediums, generating numerous queries.

Amidst this sea of information, real estate companies often find it challenging to identify specific needs and create value-added offerings based on those needs. Angad states, “While there are numerous ways leads can be generated, we use the right digital strategy that actually helps in generating qualified leads that have high potential for conversion.”

To adopt a more targeted approach, they enhance their service offerings through inorganic campaigns, which increase overall visibility and reach the right audience. They complement this with well-thought-out content marketing strategies to establish authority and domain expertise. Through this mix, they position themselves as an authentic brand.

360-Degree Leadership

Angad emphasizes that, for an entrepreneur, accountability is everything. The onus of every decision related to people, processes, and business lies on the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship teaches him to take a 360-degree view of everything, especially since they are a large company with over 3,000 employees. He notes, “It is not just business but the larger scheme of things that create true value.”

Responsible business practices

Angad describes how BCD Group embraces a profound sense of responsibility by prioritizing impactful corporate Social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. During the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the group ensures the stability of 5,000 workers and their families, exemplifying unwavering support.

Over the past two years, BCD’s CSR endeavors have created employment for over 500 individuals, fostering economic growth and community prosperity. Their commitment extends beyond housing solutions, delivering 5,000 apartments to homebuyers in distress and tailoring Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for Fortune 500 companies. This contributes not only to BCD’s business portfolio but also to the broader economic landscape.

By addressing the needs of the elderly and championing the revitalization of the real estate sector, BCD Group exemplifies responsible business practices, leaving a lasting impact on both the industry and society.


Angad outlines BCD Group’s future plans, centered on growth and expansion. They are actively expanding their footprint in the UAE, with offices in Bahrain, Riyadh, and Dubai. “We are excited to start something very soon in Dubai under the BCD banner,” Angad says.

Additionally, BCD is working on an education-based project in Tier II cities, with more details to be shared soon. These initiatives reflect their commitment to continuous growth and development in new and existing markets.

Belief, Plan, and Execute

Angad offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, acknowledging that entrepreneurial journeys can be both exciting and challenging.

Firstly, have a plan. Always know what you are set out to do,” he advises. He emphasizes the importance of starting small, understanding finances, seeking help from professionals and subject matter experts, and extensive networking.

Angad highlights the need for a customer-first approach and taking feedback seriously in today’s dynamic business ecosystem. “The voice of customers is the real foundation of a sustainable business,” he says.

Most importantly, he stresses that having faith, belief, and conviction will make all the difference in an entrepreneur’s journey.