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Dr. Suresh Reddy: A Visionary Leader & the Architect of Transformation in Education

When sitting with thoughts and success discussions, the definition varies from academic excellence to professional achievements, leaving parents contemplating the ideal avenue for their child’s holistic development. In the contemporary globalized era, conventional educational models fall short, paving the way for the emergence of a new trend—the demand for an overall learning experience. This shift has spotlighted the significance of boarding schools, particularly those that emphasize international acumen and multicultural diversity.

Navigating this educational landscape with precision and dedication is the CANDOR GROUP OF SCHOOLS. Committed to providing the best possible education, CANDOR GROUP stands out for its unique boarding school facilities. Guiding the institute to greater heights, Dr. Suresh ReddyChairman and Founder—embodies transformative leadership.

Dr. Reddy is not just an educational leader but a visionary dedicated to societal betterment. A decade ago, while in the USA, he envisioned providing affordable, accessible, holistic international education. His inspiration stems from the belief that children need moral and ethical integrity coupled with leadership skills for success. Dr. Reddy embodies the principles of aspiration, dedication, determination, concentration, and the will to learn, stating, “The path to success is easy if one has these principles.”

Let’s explore Dr. Reddy’s inspiring journey towards a brighter future for generations to come!

Journey of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Before venturing into the realm of education, Dr. Reddy carved a path of success as a seasoned entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, he founded and led a leading IT company in the USA. This led to him earning accolades such as being recognized as ‘One of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA.’ His expertise spans various multinational corporations including US Bank, Volvo and Prudential Insurance showcasing his diverse skill set and leadership acumen.

Dr. Reddy’s commitment to sustainable development extends beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors. Serving as the Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Consortium (SMEC), he catalyzes the growth of over 300 technology companies, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. With SMEC rapidly expanding its footprint in both India and the United States, Dr. Reddy plays a pivotal role in promoting the sustainable development of small and mid-sized businesses.

In 2012, Dr. Reddy embarked on a new venture as the Director of Pharmaceuticals at Apex. Under his leadership, Apex Pharmaceuticals achieved significant milestones including the first accepted ANDA filing by the US FDA and facility upgrades to meet cGMP conditions. Dr. Reddy’s strategic vision propelled Apex Pharmaceuticals into the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry paving the way for groundbreaking innovations and advancements.

Beyond the realms of business and education, Dr. Reddy also dedicates his time to serving as a Director of the North America Telugu Association (NATA). NATA serves the Telugu Indian-American community through a myriad of activities and events including regional gatherings, biannual conventions and exchange programs. Dr. Reddy’s commitment to preserving and promoting Telugu culture is evident through NATA’s endeavors, which extend support for education, business and community development across the globe.

Contextualizing the Educational Landscape

The paradigms are shifting in the dynamic world of education and under Dr. Reddy’s guidance CANDOR GROUP OF SCHOOLS is emerging as an excellent example of excellence. As parents increasingly seek an educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries, CANDOR GROUP is offering academic prowess with a transformative journey for students standing at the forefront.

Nurturing Global Citizens

Established a decade ago, CANDOR GROUP embraces the philosophy that Dr. Reddy states, “every student has the potential to develop into a knowledgeable, confident and responsible global citizen.” Under its umbrella are two distinguished institutions—Candor International School, Bangalore and Candor NPS, Tirupathi.

A Green Oasis

Candor International School, established in 2011, spans across 30 acres south of Bengaluru. Renowned for its dedication to the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge curricula, the institution excels in holistic development. Accredited as a ‘Green School’ by the Indian Green Building Council, it provides on-campus residential amenities for students from grades 5 to 12, offering both weekly and regular boarding options.

A Premier Residency School

Candor NPS, a collaboration between National Public School and Candor International School, boasts 60 years of excellence as a residency school. Operating in multiple locations including Tirupati, the institution strives to nurture lifelong learners who contribute to the world through values such as respect, intercultural understanding, technology, creativity, and community service.

Boarding Facility at Its Best

CANDOR GROUP’s commitment to excellence is evident in its campuses. Candor International School, Bangalore offers a refreshing ambiance focusing on the holistic development of students. Both institutions boast authorization to deliver the IB program and the Cambridge curricula, underscoring their commitment to global standards.

CANDOR GROUP takes pride in keeping pace with infrastructural and technological demands. The institutions provide spacious and comfortable hostels, equipped with shared facilities, promoting socialization and emotional well-being. The campuses are designed to replicate a homely experience, featuring TV rooms, common study areas, dining halls offering nutritious meals, and a variety of recreational amenities.

Dr. Reddy emphasizes, “Ensuring the safety of students is paramount, with 24×7 CCTV surveillance, security personnel and thorough background checks for all staff.” The commitment to sports and well-being is evident through the provision of sports fields and high-tech facilities for various physical activities.

CANDOR GROUP ensures students are equipped with soft skills essential for international corporate environments. With IB & Cambridge curricula in Bangalore and CBSE in Tirupati, the institutions provide state-of-the-art support facilities including academic counseling, sports and arts areas as well as comfortable living arrangements. The emphasis on hiring the best teachers, many with international experience, enriches the pedagogy.

Priorities for a Better Future

Dr. Reddy prioritizes preparing students for a better future, emphasizing the school’s commitment to providing reliable information, intellectual skills and critical reflection on challenges. This commitment extends to guiding students for university placements with dedicated college counselors and coordinators ensuring the best-suited options.

Dr. Reddy’s influence is profound as the Director and COO of Learnbeyond. Initially conceived as, an exam engine designed to aid students in College Admission Tests, Learnbeyond has evolved into a comprehensive e-learning platform. Driven by a team of passionate developers and project managers, Learnbeyond sets the standard for online learning offering unparalleled technological sophistication and user experience.

Value-Based Educational Leadership

Value-based leadership is the cornerstone of Dr. Reddy’s approach. He articulates the core values of CANDOR GROUP for creating a community of dedicated learners who develop into knowledgeable, caring, confident, and responsible global citizens. The vision is built on the love of learning, respect for diversity, concern for the community, integrity and openness to adopting the best models.

Under the same approach, CANDOR GROUP is at the forefront of adopting modern pedagogies, with a focus on the constructivist approach. The school’s teaching methodology revolves around activity-based learning and placing the learner at the center of the curriculum. Dr. Reddy highlights the importance of engaging students in activities, reducing competition, promoting cooperation, and fostering a healthy study environment.

Parents as Partners

Acknowledging the pivotal role of parents, CANDOR GROUP fosters a close relationship between parents, students and the school. Dr. Reddy emphasizes the importance of parental involvement, stating, “A child will progress more if they see their parent actively participating and being supportive of the school.” The school encourages parents to become actively involved in their child’s education, promoting transparency and a growth-oriented ecosystem.

Driving Education into the Future

CANDOR GROUP’s commitment to the future extends beyond conventional boundaries. The school envisions students fulfilling their potential shaping a future built on individual well-being, community development and environmental sustainability. Dr. Reddy ensures that students are empowered to seize opportunities in an era of digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of literacy, math, digital literacy, and mental well-being.

The leadership at CANDOR GROUP OF SCHOOLS is characterized by dedication, innovation and transformative direction. Dr. Reddy’s commitment to providing a holistic, global educational experience positions CANDOR GROUP as a pioneer in the educational sector. As the institution continues to evolve and adapt to the changing educational landscape, its focus remains steadfast on nurturing students into responsible global citizens equipped with the skills and values needed to thrive in the modern world.

Exemplifying Excellence

CANDOR GROUP has received numerous accolades, including being ranked No. 7 in India and recognized for excellence in blended learning and innovative curriculum design. Forbes India has acknowledged the school’s commitment to safety, hygiene and architectural excellence. These accolades reflect the institution’s dedication to providing a world-class education.


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“With SMEC rapidly expanding its footprint in both India and the United States, Dr. Reddy plays a pivotal role in promoting the sustainable development of small and mid-sized businesses.”

“A child will progress more if they see their parent actively participating and being supportive of the school.”