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Empowering Future Leaders: The Inspiring Journey of Bindhu Ann Thomas and Kochi Business School

Kerala’s educational sector is filled with diversity and excellence, adorned with a rich tradition of learning. With a focus on holistic development, it offers a plethora of institutions ranging from top-notch universities to community-driven schools. This vibrant ecosystem fosters innovation, critical thinking, and a commitment to social progress.

one institution stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation—Kochi Business School (KBS). Nestled in the heart of Kochi, India, KBS has carved a niche for itself as a premier MBA college, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. At the helm of this institution is Bindhu Ann Thomas—the Director and a visionary leader whose passion for education and unwavering determination have propelled KBS to new heights.

Commitment to Quality Education

KBS exemplifies excellence in MBA education in Kochi, India, boasting a 13-year legacy of quality education. Affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, and recognized by both the Government of Kerala and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), KBS is a top choice for aspiring business leaders. The MBA program, meticulously crafted and led by industry experts, ensures students are well-prepared for the professional world.

Bindhu proudly states, “Our commitment to nurturing future leaders for the professional world is unwavering, making KBS the ideal destination for recruiters seeking top talent.”

In 2023, KBS was ranked as the No. 1 emerging B-school in Kerala by The Week and No. 34 in South India. Additionally, KBS received accolades for its green eco-friendly campus from R World Ranking and was ranked No. 3 in Kerala by the Higher Education Review in 2022. In the All India survey for Non-IIM best MBA colleges, KBS secured the No. 33 spot, elevating it to a global standard.

Driving Change through Education

Bindhu notes that establishing an MBA college is driven by societal needs and a passion for making a difference as an Edupreneur. The primary motivation is to address the growing demand for skilled business professionals in a complex and competitive global economy. MBA programs equip students with essential skills like leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving, which are highly sought after across industries.

Bindhu explains, “By training future business leaders, an MBA college can significantly contribute to the economic development of the region, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that drive job creation.” The aim is to provide high-quality education meeting international standards, focusing on academic knowledge, soft skills, ethics, and a global perspective.

Strong industry connections ensure the curriculum remains relevant and up-to-date, enhancing graduates’ employability. The institution serves as a platform for research and innovation, contributing to business and management knowledge. Bindhu’s vision includes “creating leaders with a global outlook, making a positive social impact, and establishing a legacy of educational excellence.” Achieving national and international accreditation and top rankings enhances credibility, attracting high-caliber students and faculty.

Passion for Progress

The field of education has always inspired Bindhu, driven by the belief that a nation develops when its citizens are educated and have the opportunity to pursue their passions. Pursuing a doctoral program provided Bindhu with the necessary conceptual knowledge about academics, especially management education.

Bindhu says, “I became not only passionate about teaching the younger generation but also building a team of professionals who will be leaders in various fields of activity and contribute to community welfare.”

Transforming Adversity into Achievement

When Bindhu took over the MBA college, it was managed by another institution and was loss-making, on the verge of closing down. Bindhu explains, “It was this time that I was directed to take over the college and make it a profit center by my management.” Admissions had dropped from 120 to less than 25, and results and placements were also concerns.

Bindhu states, “From there, making 120 is the biggest task and that too during the pandemic in 2020. Another biggest challenge was placement and I had to justify the confidence.” Despite these challenges, Bindhu’s leadership and dedication transformed the college, revitalizing its admissions and improving placement outcomes.

Challenges Turned into Triumphs

The turning point in KBS’s journey came when it transformed from a loss-making institute to achieving 100% admission and 100% placement in the first year itself. Bindhu notes, “This milestone was a testament to our strategic reorientation and commitment to excellence.”

Initially facing low enrollment and inadequate industry recognition, KBS undertook a comprehensive overhaul. Bindhu explains, “By enhancing our curriculum to meet international standards, fostering strong industry connections for practical learning opportunities, and investing in state-of-the-art facilities, we significantly improved the quality of education and student experience.”

Dedicated efforts in career services ensured that every student was well-prepared and connected to potential employers. This remarkable turnaround established KBS’s reputation as a premier institution for business education, validating its vision and hard work.

Bold Decisions, Lasting Impact

A specific moment that significantly contributed to KBS’s success was the decision to stand firmly by its vision and prioritize the benefit of students, even during tough times and facing intense criticism. When the institution struggled with low enrollment and skepticism about its potential, many advised adopting conventional methods or cutting corners. However, KBS chose to think outside the box and bring a fresh approach to quality education.

Bindhu recalls, “One pivotal decision was to revamp our curriculum to align with international standards and industry needs. We introduced innovative teaching methods, integrated technology into our classrooms, and focused on experiential learning.” Additionally, KBS forged strong partnerships with leading companies, providing students with real-world exposure through internships, live projects, and guest lectures from industry experts.

Despite doubts and criticism, KBS remained steadfast in its commitment to top-notch education. The turning point came when the first batch of students achieved 100% placement, validating the approach and silencing critics. Bindhu notes, “Holding on to our vision and passion, even when it seemed like an uphill battle, was the greatest decision we made.”

Resilience in Action

Overcoming obstacles and setbacks along the way is a journey of resilience, support, and unwavering faith for Bindhu. She notes, “Behind every successful woman, there often stand supportive men, and in my case, there were two: my partner and my mentor, our chairman.” Her mentor was a strong pillar who encouraged risk-taking and bold decisions, always backing her out-of-the-box ideas.

Bindhu adds, “Even when I made mistakes, he was there to correct and support me.” Additionally, her father’s strong willpower played a crucial role in navigating criticism and adversity. His advice to “be strong at the core and grow deep roots” instilled in her the importance of resilience and inner strength. Bindhu’s firm belief in God also provided ultimate strength, helping her face and overcome numerous struggles.

Strategies Driving KBS’s Growth

For expansion, Bindhu employed strategic tactics focusing on quality education and student employability. She notes, “Central to our approach was offering current, value-added courses equipping students with skills needed in today’s job market.” Activities and gamification techniques were integrated into the curriculum for engaging and practical learning.

Bindhu organized corporate programs like cricket leagues and marathons, serving as hospitality partners for industry events, providing substantial exposure and networking opportunities. “Involving students in large-scale events,” she explains, “helped them develop critical skills such as decision-making and understanding industry needs.”

Mentorship from industry professionals shaped their careers. “These efforts ensured our students were well-prepared for the workforce,” Bindhu emphasizes. This comprehensive education and industry integration significantly contributed to business growth and success.

Unique Approach to Education

In differentiating themselves from other institutes, Bindhu’s strategies focused on maximizing student outcomes and fostering a supportive environment. “We offered the best placement opportunities with a high return on investment,” she explains, ensuring graduates quickly found meaningful employment. Understanding each student’s strengths allowed for customized support and tailored guidance.

Our campus culture was friendly and inclusive,” Bindhu emphasizes, providing a supportive atmosphere where students thrived academically and personally. Faculty offered personalized mentorship, and students were empowered through involvement in decision-making processes, preparing them for leadership roles.

This unique approach equipped our students with essential decision-making skills and practical experience,” Bindhu elucidates, setting them up for success in their future careers and setting the institution apart from others.


Bindhu reflects on her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and forward momentum. “The most valuable lesson I’ve learned,” she shares, “is to never give up and always keep moving forward, even in the face of failure and criticism.” She advises entrepreneurs to think long-term, celebrating achievements while staying focused on bigger goals and learning from mistakes.

Surround yourself with the right people,” Bindhu advises, highlighting the significance of supportive associates and mentors. Learning from those who have already succeeded can shape one’s mindset and lead to better decisions. Entrepreneurship demands discipline, passion, and risk-taking. Bindhu encourages seizing opportunities without waiting for the perfect moment, trusting in oneself, and embracing continuous learning.

With resilience and a long-term perspective, she believes entrepreneurs can overcome any obstacle on the path to success, embodying the spirit of perseverance and determination.

Impact Beyond the Classroom

The institute has made a significant impact on the community and industry by providing opportunities for students from middle-income backgrounds to access quality education and achieve success. She emphasizes, “Our focus on helping individuals from common backgrounds reach their full potential and dream big has not only benefited the students but also their families, creating a ripple effect of success.” By offering a higher return on investment and better placement opportunities, the impact extends beyond the individual to the entire family unit.

We are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a competitive world,” Bindhu explains. Through a comprehensive approach, the institution provides valuable support, resilience in the face of challenges, and a sense of responsibility, shaping students into both employable individuals and responsible citizens. The goal is to empower students to navigate life successfully, fostering a community of individuals who contribute positively to society.

Course for the Future

Bindhu’s future plans and goals are ambitious and focused on achieving the best placements with top companies like McKinsey, BCG, and Goldman Sachs, while also obtaining NAAC accreditation. She states, “Our dream is for our students to start their own businesses, creating more employment opportunities for the nation and addressing the pressing issue of employability.” Scaling from 120 to 180 students this year positions them as the second-largest college.

To achieve these goals, Bindhu emphasizes the importance of continuing to provide high-quality education and support to students, ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed for success. “We will focus on building strong relationships with top companies,” she adds, “ensuring our students have access to the best job opportunities and resources.”

In addition to academic goals, the institution is committed to making a positive impact on the community and society. By empowering students to start their own businesses, they aim to contribute to economic growth and development. Key metrics such as student placement rates and satisfaction will be tracked to measure progress, with strategies adjusted as needed to align with the long-term vision.

The Guiding Principles

Bindhu offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing resilience and perseverance. She advises, “Never give up on your dreams and vision, no matter the obstacles.” Despite challenges, she urges individuals to stay true to their values and push forward, gracefully accepting constructive criticism for improvement.

Understanding that growth isn’t linear, Bindhu encourages patience and persistence, believing in oneself despite setbacks. She highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive individuals who challenge and aid in personal growth.

Stay true to your mission and purpose,” Bindhu stresses, cautioning against being solely motivated by financial gain. Instead, she encourages focusing on solving meaningful problems and making a positive impact. With resilience, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, she believes entrepreneurs can overcome any obstacle.

Bindhu concludes by emphasizing the rewards of creating something impactful, underscoring the journey’s challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

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